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Showing 1–12 of 205 results

Showing 1–12 of 205 results

Download All WooCommerce Extensions for a Fraction of The Price

Do you need extensions for your WooCommerce store? We currently have 200+ of them for one low yearly price of only $119.99 a year!

All extensions and plugins come with updates for the duration of your membership as well as access to any new additions we add (you can see latest updates/newly added plugins on the Latest updates page)

Below we have explained why we can sell some of the best WooCommerce plugins at such a cheap prices and a comparison between club membership and 1 time purchases.

GPL Hero Club Membership VS 1-Time Purchase

If you want more than 1 Plugin, theme or extension then club membership would be the best option for you – We currently offer unlimited access to all WooCommerce Extensions, Themes & Plugins for only $119.99/Year!

On the other hand, if you only want to buy 1 item then we still offer 1 year of updates for that purchase included in the price!

Is this legal to buy and use WooCommerce Extensions from here?

Yes, it is legal but some people see it as immoral, because almost all Plugins, Themes & Extensions for WordPress & WooCommerce (Including WordPress its self) are licensed under GPL. For this reason, we can redistribute them to you at a cheaper cost.

The very foundation on which WordPress has been built on is down to the GPL license – Originally WordPress took another GPL product (b2/cafelog) and started working on it and WordPress was born. This is what makes the GPL so special as it is possible to share, improve and edit any code that is licensed under it without having to gain permission.

How Come WooCommerce Extensions Are So Cheap Here?

When you pay for “Premium plugins or themes” you are not paying for the plugin or theme but rather the premium support that the developers offer for a time period usually stated before you complete your purchase.

We do not offer support or license keys for WordPress themes, plugins and Woocommerce extensions which in turns allows us to offer you some massive savings in terms of price!

If you aren’t confident with using woocommerce extensions, plugins or themes we would suggest buying them directly from the developer (as they offer support and we do not).

More Questions and Answers About WooCommerce Plugins

Q1. Are all the files provided the exact same as original developers?

A1. Yes 100% the same and not at all modified

Q2. Are these files created by GPL Hero?

A2. No – We did not create any of these files and we are in no way affiliated with WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, WordPress or any other 3rd Party Developers.

Q3. I Get a License Key Message When Activating Plugins, Themes or Extensions?

A3. Some premium themes & plugins may ask you for a license key, the key is usually sent to you after purchasing from the developers and this enables auto updates and product support (therefore you pay a premium price) – License keys are not required for plugins, themes or extensions to work and can be dismissed or ignored.

Q4. Where can i buy premium WooCommerce Extensions from?

A4. If you require support you can purchase them from the official WooCommerce website.

Q5. Do you offer a money back promise?

A5. As this website sells Digital products we do not offer refunds – We work hard to display as much information about plugins and themes as possible to avoid any confusion.

Q6. How many sites can i use these plugins on?

A6. You can use the plugins or extensions on as many sites as you wish – Be it your site, a friends or a client’s sites GPL gives you the power to use these plugins freely.

Q7. Will the plugins still work once my subscriptions/purchase has ended?

A7. Yes – They will still work but if your subscription or purchase ends so will the new updates that come with it.

Q8. Do we offer updates for extensions/plugins?

A8. Yes – We update plugins and extensions on a regular basis and you can see this on some product pages where the “Version Update History” tab is present.

Q9. Can i cancel my subscriptions at any time?

A9. Yes – There is no contract in place so you can cancel your subscription whenever you wish.

Q10. Will i be notified when an update is available?

A10. Club members are emailed when new/updated products have been added.

Q11. I can’t find a plugin that i wanted?

A11. If you can’t find a plugin, then we don’t currently offer it – However we are always working to add new / updated plugins and themes so keep checking back.

Q12. Can i use these plugins at WordPress.org?

A12. These plugins can be used for your WordPress website however they will not work on a WordPress.org website as they do not all the use of custom plugins.