Frequently Asked Questions

What does GPL stand for in GPL Hero?

The short answer to this question is General Public License – WordPress is an open source software that is licensed under the terms of GNU General Public License (GPL).

WordPress it’s self was also developed from another piece of software that was released under the GPL license. Almost all the plugins, themes and add-ons for WordPress and licensed under GPL.

We only provide files that are fully GPL licensed (just like WordPress self-hosted software its self).


What is GPL Hero?

GPL Hero is a website that offers a large amount of GPL WordPress Plugins, Themes & Extensions all in one place for a super low prices!


How much does GPL Hero cost?

GPL Hero currently offers 2 options to customers which are:

  1. Club membership – Access to all themes, plugins & extensions for $9.99 per month
  2. Single plugins/themes/extensions – A single item with 1 year updates (prices may vary)


How many plugins/themes are available?

We currently offer a total of 300+ premium plugins, themes and extensions for WooCommerce & WordPress.


Do you offer support for plugins/themes?

At the moment we do not offer support for any of the plugins/themes or extensions – If support is something you feel you need then we suggest purchasing the plugin/theme or extension from the original developers.


How many websites can I use plugins/themes/extensions on?

There is no limit to how many websites you can use plugins/themes or extensions on!


How often are plugins updated?

We generally release updated versions and new releases every week!


Why are plugins/themes/extensions so cheap at GPL Hero?

The short answer to this question is because we do not offer support for plugins, themes or extensions. This in turn allows us to offer GPL plugins, themes & extensions at low prices.


Am I locked into a contract?

No – You can cancel your subscription at any time.


Do You Offer Refunds?

Because GPL Hero is selling digital downloads we do not offer refunds.