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A Demonstration of GPL Hero Membership

In this short 2 minutes 20 seconds video demonstrated – You will see how easy it is to download premium themes, plugins and extensions once logged into your member account. Joining the club is simple and takes less than 2 minutes!

5 Great Reasons You Should Consider Joining the GPL Hero Club:

  • Instantly Access all Plugins, Themes & Extensions once payment completed
  • Frequent updates and update notifications for members
  • Access to 300+ Premium Plugins, Themes & Extensions for WooCommerce & WordPress
  • No Contract, Cancel Anytime
  • Only $119.99/Year

What are you waiting for? Join Now!

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Most Popular Free And Paid WooCommerce Plugins Today

EcommerceMany eCommerce startups had chosen WooCommerce when they decided to do open their online stores. The reasons are aplenty; Woocommerce is free, flexible, user-friendly, looks professional, and has hundreds of plugins to enhance its abilities.

Among the plethora of these plugins, a small number of them are considered crucial for any startups. Curious to know which ones?

Below you can find eight of the most popular WooCommerce Plugins Today. These plugins are popular because they improve your store’s functionality, make international shopper easy to purchase stuff, give better shopping experience to the customers, and make it easier for you to manage orders and reports.

1. Booster for WooCommerce
This is the plugin you should install immediately after you finish installing WooCommerce. It’s loaded with powerful features any online store must have. These features allow you to further enhance the settings for prices & currencies and much more. As the name suggests, it really boosts your WooCommerce to the next level.

Booster is continuously updated and improved. The developers are openly accepting suggestions and critics. That’s a very important feat for a plugin used by real businesses. They also provide excellent support to anyone using this plugin.

Price: FREE

The booster plugin can be downloaded free from


2. WooCommerce Customizer
The Customizer lets you tailor the labels, button text, and various other aspects of the store to your liking without having to be a coder. For example, you can use it to change the number of columns when displaying a single product or change the heading for the product description.

This extension is useful for rapid testing. You can customize parts of the store without any downtime. Since there’s no coding to do, there’s very small chance of you breaking anything. This free and time-saving plugin is easy to use. However, if you have issues, you can always head out to the forum and ask the developers.

Price: FREE

WooCommerce Customizer can be downloaded free from


3. WooCommerce Multilingual
If you’re selling internationally, you’re going to need this plugin. You can use WooCommerce Multilingual to translate product information, attributes, and categories. It makes a consistent experience from start to finish for your customers, as they will see everything displayed in their own language. It also allows you to use multiple currencies all across the store.
This plugin may feel a bit complicated for some people. Thankfully, the developers are making progress in improving its usability.

Yes, there are other plugins offering the same multilingual capability, but this one is far superior compared to the rest. It works well with other popular plugins too. Please note that this extension requires WPML to work, so you need to install and activate that first.

Price: FREE

WooCommerce Multilingual can be downloaded free from


4. WooCommerce Social Login
When asked to create a new account during checkout, many potential customers feel that it’s too much of a hassle and leave. It happens more than you’d like, but by using the WooCommerce Social Login you can decrease the chance of new customers abandoning their cart.

This plugin makes it possible for your customers to link their social media accounts to your store. It supports Facebook, Google, PayPal, Twitter, Amazon, Instagram, LinkedIn, Yahoo, VK, and Disqus. With one-click sign-in, customers can effortlessly make repeat purchases.

Social login is used widely these days, and people feel comfortable using it. By making customer’s shopping experience smoother, your conversion rates also improve.

Original Price: Single Site $79.00

Our Price: Unlimited Sites $8.93

WooCommerce Social Login can be purchased at for Only $8.93

Or at for $79.00


5. Minimum Purchase for WooCommerce
Sometimes, you can lose money when a customer’s purchase is below a certain threshold. Big companies can lose a bit of money without making a dent in their cash flow. Not so, for a lot of small businesses.

This plugin is handy in setting minimum purchase rule in just a few clicks. If a customer purchase product in less than the specified number, an error message is displayed. Only when the rules are met, they can proceed the checkout to complete the purchase.

Setting up the rules is simple. The developers made sure this plugin is intuitive. They provide excellent support too.

Price: FREE

Minimum Purchase for WooCommerce is available free at


6. WooCommerce PDF & Print
This plugin converts a product page into PDF or Microsoft Word for easy printing.

Why is this useful?
Well, some people are old school and prefer prints instead of sharing the product URL by email or using a messaging app. This plugin lets customers print and share information about your products to their families and friends. Word of mouth is still a powerful thing.

Having a printable version of your website can be helpful in more than one way. On holiday season, people usually plan ahead and pick whatever it is they want to buy later. An easy option to print lets the customer save a printed version of the product detail page, which is much handier than just bookmarking.

Price: FREE

Available for Free Download at


7. Product Enquiry for WooCommerce
One way to lose a sale is when you have incomplete information about a product. Not many people are willing to spend their time inquiring about an item to the seller. With this plugin, customers can reach out to you to ask questions about a product quickly and easily. They don’t need to copy and paste the product URL or remember the item id. It’s all automatically added into the inquiry without them needing to do anything.

That’s not all. For online stores selling customizable items, this plugin is a great tool for customers to request a quote. It automatically sends you an email whenever an inquiry is made.

Price: FREE

Available for Free at


8. WooCommerce Smart Sale Badge
WooCommerce already has a smart sale badge feature built-in. This extension improves it further by showing the customers the total amount of saving they will receive. The badge will show something like “Save $YYY!”

This plugin works for grouped and variable products too. For these kinds of products, the badge will show “Save Up To $YYY!”
The Smart Sale badge is a free plugin that’s easy and simple to use. It’s lightweight and won’t doesn’t need much server resources. Whether you’re planning a holiday sale or a sale to clear old stocks, this extension can help you making those extra sales.

Price: FREE

Available For Free Download at


Okay, that’s all for our top list of the most popular WooCommerce plugin today. Obviously, you can install many other plugins according to your business needs and requirements. Still, the ones we just listed above are more than sufficient to give your online store a firm footing to compete with the rest of the pack.

We still have one more advice for you; Make your store presentable by using appropriate themes. Judging a book by its cover is bad, yet people still do that every day. If your store looks lame, people won’t even spend the time to browse around and shop. Plugins can improve the store’s functionality, but themes are essential to make your store pleasing to the eyes.

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The Speed Advantages of Using a CDN With Your WooCommerce Store

Fast GlobeNowadays, website owners are preferring to host their pages on CDNs in addition to main servers, and for a good reason. A content delivery network or in short CDN is a network of servers that are globally distributed to serve users based on their locations. They work by serving as alternative server nodes to deliver site content like JS, CSS files, and other structural components as well as static content like images to the user closest to them.

Because of their nearness to users, it means less time is used to access site content, and this reduced latency is the main advantage of using a CDN. Essentially, when a user sends a request to your site, the CDN node closest to them will respond to deliver the content thereby improving the site’s experience in terms of speed. They, therefore, primarily optimize a website’s accessibility.

These are among the benefits of using CDN for your site

1. Improved Speed And Load Time.
A user’s load time is basically used in loading a web page’s static content. In the case the server is a great distance away from the user, a significant drag will inevitably be experienced. A CDN solves this for your site by allowing users to retrieve your sites content from their closest server instead of the main host server of your site. The reduced distance will translate to greater speed and less load time on the part of the user.

Since CDN server nodes are located all over the world, at any given time, a person accessing your site is not disadvantaged by the distance from your main host. They get to download content at the same speed regardless of how far they are.

However, this speed improvement will depend on other factors like your website’s code. A poor code will still see your site dragging. Your servers’ configuration will also play a role in determining whether a CDN will help to speed up your site. The fact that a CDN improves the speed at which a page loads, is definitely worth the extra cost you will incur to set up the service.

2. Improved Website Uptime.
A CDN offers an alternative route to users to access your web page. This means that your main host is relieved of the traffic load it receives at any given time. Therefore, you are assured of constant and smooth speeds when using a CDN.

There are times when websites slow down or even crash completely during traffic surges. CDN networks can effectively take care of this by sharing bandwidth across multiple servers. They are, therefore, highly optimized to deal with any spike in traffic. This means that you are assured your site will be up and running smoothly regardless of the amount of traffic.

3. Greater Data Integrity.
Most of the time, though, you will need to update your website structural content. When using a CDN, you need not worry about the data integrity. Any changes done to your asset be it a CSS (Cascading Style Sheet ) or JS (Java Script) file update, are immediately effected on all network servers. This real-time data integration ensures consistency and saves you the trouble of having to issue instructions manually. It ensures contents of your site remain secure and similar even when duplicates are created on the servers.

4. No Geographic Barriers.
In today’s world, portable internet enabled devices are the norm. And people want to access sites wherever they go and at any time. CDN servers are found virtually everywhere around the world. It’s because of this global distribution that they are the best choice if you want your site to be accessible to anyone around the globe, especially to travelers. And with the added advantage that the users experience your site in the same they would if they were near your main host server.

However, it’s worth noting that in some cases, especially in remote areas, it will depend on a provider’s coverage. It is prudent to check with them first to see if they cover the geographic region you are targeting. Check the technology they are using as this gives a hint of how well and thorough their coverage is. This is because some providers will offer better services and coverage than others. A little research will help you to determine whether to enlist their services or not and to choose the best.

5. Cheaper and Faster.
Using CDN helps your website to perform better and give your visitors a cool experience. And all this without having to buy those additional resources such as more RAM or CPU. In the long term, it is cheaper than attempting to improve performance using more hardware.

Setting up for a CDN is quite simple and will not require you to purchase any hardware. Depending on your requirements, it may involve simply telling your CDN provider what content you need to be mirrored on their servers and then configuring your site to send requests to their servers.

There are a few free CDN services available, but mostly, they are paid for services. However, those who are serious about their web pages should consider paid services. And paid for CDN services are better than free ones most of the time. Cost may vary depending on the region, bandwidth, and security requirements. It would benefit you to shop around for a provider who offers state-of-the-art services yet at an affordable price.

Using CDN brings a whole lot of benefits to your website. It gives you users a fast and reliable browsing speed. It helps especially to cushion you against unprecedented traffic upsurge allowing it to run all throughout unaffected.

However, this does not mean that it entirely makes your server trouble free. You may still encounter some down times from time to time. It only minimizes them. In some cases, a website will not need a CDN to perform well, although having one may make the site perform optimally.

It mainly depends on the website. If you are operating sites that get unusually high traffic or mission critical site, you should seriously consider using CDN. Talk to various providers to hear how their services will optimize your site’s performance.