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Faster WordPress & WooCommerce Websites Checklist

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Shown below are 6 tips and links to free and paid plugins/services that will speed up your WordPress/WooCommerce website and the best thing about it is most of the steps are simple and require little effort on your behalf to see results – especially steps (2,3,4)

1. Pick a faster host
Finding a host that is optimised to work well with WordPress & WooCommerce in terms of faster speeds can save you a lot of headache in the long run.

On another note if you are not planning on using a CDN and your store is aimed at a specific country then get a host that has servers in that country – This will also ensure faster loading times for customers.


2. Disable any unused plugins
Deactivating and deleting any plugins you do not use can help in terms of page load times. It may sound silly but some plugins cause page load time to increase and if you are not using the plugin it is senseless leaving it activated.


3. Shrink images on site
Optimising images on your WordPress website is a simple thing to do and there are many free solutions out there to aid you in doing this quickly and easily.

Optimising images can increase page loading times massivly.

Free solutions for image optimisation:
EWWW Image Optimizer


4. Enable caching
Enabling caching on your WordPress website is a no-brainer when it comes to improving the load time and speed of your store/website.

There are many free WordPress plugins that do this – Personally i think the best 2 plugins are:
WP Super Cache
W3 Total Cache


5. Consider using a CDN
Using a CDN can make all the difference especially if you have website visitors that are coming from around the globe.

What does a CDN Do?
A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a service that speeds up your website. It does this by delivering your content to website visitors from servers that are closer to them than your hosts servers.

Example WITHOUT CDN: Someone from France visits your website but your servers in the USA and your site is not using a CDN the data will be transferred a longer distance which takes even longer for your website to load.

Example WITH CDN: Someone from france visits your website – The CDN provider has a local server in france and delivers most of the website content to them from a local server which in turn means faster website loading times.

Recommended CDN providers:
CloudFlare – Has a FREE option with loads of features
MaxCDN – Starts at $9 per month


6. Test and Improve Performance
Finding out the shortfalls in your website can help you further improve the speed of your website – These fantastic and free online tools can help you further your progress:
Google PageSpeed Insights

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Removing the WooThemes Updater Notice from the WordPress Admin Dashboard

Sometimes seeing messages in the WordPress admin back end can be annoying especially ones that you do not know how to remove easily and do not offer a close, dismiss or hide button.

This quick tutorial will show you how to remove the following message:

WooThemes Updater Message



Please note that installing the plugin is not harmful in any way and will just highlight any plugin or theme updates that are available this tutorial is simply highlighting a way to hide this message.

Removing the message:

  • Step 1 – Locate your theme folder

example theme folder locations:

wp-content/themes/YourThemesName OR wp-content/themes/ChildThemeName


  • Step 2 – Locate Functions.php file in the theme folder


  • Step 3 – Add the following code:

// Below Code Hides WooCommerce Update Message
remove_action('admin_notices', 'woothemes_updater_notice');


If at a later stage, you wish to show the message again you can simply remove the 2 lines of code you added to functions.php.